April 26, 2017

Prisons make progress against TB


South Africa’s overcrowded prisons have become breeding grounds for tuberculosis (TB), putting thousands of inmates and people who work at the department of correctional services (DCS) at high risk of contracting the infectious disease. However, South Africa’s prisons are making notable strides in the fight against TB through the National TB Programme, which focuses on TB and HIV/AIDS. The programme addresses TB risks in the prison system where inmates and DCS workers face overcrowded conditions and where the prison design of many facilities can exacerbate the problem, which in turn can filter back into their communities. According to non-profit organisation…

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SA a good news story: Zuma


Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma insists South Africa is a “good news story”, and that those who disagree have either not been observant or live in another country. Responding to oral questions in the National Assembly on Thursday, Zuma said even if there have been disagreements with the type of economic policies South Africa followed in the past (such as GEAR and Asgisa), it doesn’t mean the country hasn’t moved forward. His comments came after Inkatha Freedom Party MP Mkhuleko Hlengwa asked the president how South Africa could proclaim a good news story while unemployment is higher than 27%. Zuma responded…

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‘Chicken feather’ painter brushes off fame


Esther Mahlangu’s colourful geometric artwork is exhibited in galleries around the world, but she remains in her South African village unfazed by fame and determined to preserve her ethnic Ndebele culture. The 81-year-old painter and mural artist earned an international reputation with her Ndebele motifs at a time when the art scene in her home country was focused on contemporary styles. Now Johannesburg is hosting a major exhibition for Mahlangu, an elderly black woman with no art training who rose to global acclaim using a skill passed down for generations. With just a chicken feather, Mahlangu first painted mud huts…

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