December 12, 2018


Internet criminals ready to pounce


With the festive season around the corner, the public is being urged to be extra careful when it comes to guarding their passwords and pin codes. Somewhere, someone might be going through your personal information: where you grew up, how much you have in your bank account, your marital status, and even your ID number. This does not always happen in a dark room downtown, it could be happening right next to you at your local Internet café. The spokesperson of the police Annelie Wrensch, said social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a breeding ground for criminals…

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One on One:J.B.Mthembu


The first black president of the Free State Law Society, Jerome Basil Mthembu, dreamt of being an accountant when he was growing up, but later realised his calling is to fight for the rights of others. Mthembu was born and raised in Johannesburg. He attended the University of Zululand and also obtained an Advanced Diploma in Labour Law from the University of Johannesburg. He has been living in Bloemfontein for the past 12 years. This arbitrator, facilitator, and conciliator, who is well-known in the judiciary, has two practices – Mthembu and Mohammed and Mthembu and Van Vuuren. He specialises in…

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Discipline is a moral and public value for the African National Congress


Phew, the verdict of the African National Congress’ (ANC) National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) on the ANC Youth League leadership last Thursday 10 November 2011, was and still is – at least until the final review, appeal and judgement from the National Disciplinary Committee of Appeals (NDCA) – a very hot one. The sigh of relief is not for the verdict, but for closure on round one of the disciplinary action and process against Julius Malema and his Youth League colleagues. I believe many people in South Africa, whether in support of the Youth League statements and behaviour, or not, were…

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