December 12, 2018


Men…12 signs your girlfriend isn’t marriage material


Just as not all men are marriage material, not all women are marriage materials too. So gents, before you wife your girlfriend, you need to know if she is marriage material. Life is too short, so it’s necessary you get married to the right woman and enjoy being married. Below are 12 signs your girlfriend isn’t marriage material Your girlfriend is secretive If you have a girlfriend who is very secretive, she isn’t a wife material. A marriage won’t succeed if partners are secretive and don’t share things with each other. A healthy marriage is one with openness not one…

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All about Love brings African flavour to SA cinemas

Featuring an all-African cast and shot in Johannesburg, the new romantic comedy All about Love is coming to cinemas around South Africa in April. Written and directed by Adze Ugah (Jacob’s Cross, Isibaya, Mrs Right Guy), the film also showcases the talents of Emmy Award-winning director of photography Nicholas Hofmeyr. It opens at Ster-Kinekor cinemas on April 21. It stars Nomzamo Mbatha, Katlego Danke and Zenande Mfenyana, all from South Africa, along with Richard Lukunku (South Africa), Chris Attoh (Ghana), Leroy Gopal (Zimbabwe), Enyinna Nwigwe (Nigeria) and Angela Sithole (South Africa), among others. – Timeslive

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Nude pics threat … watch this space


The smell is bad, like literally, Sir. I refuse to believe you can’t afford soap, but by the smell of things, you really are that broke shame. Eish, life neh! Yuck! Can somebody please get this DJ a decent girl so that he stops eating from the dustbin…I swear to God, those girls from Dinaweng can bath properly compared to that thing you had with you. With every disrespect intended, the beautiful Tshidi is a… Somethings should never be said, no! Something’s should never be done in public and you my brother should have known better. For a respectable man…

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