April 26, 2017

I loved K2 with all my heart‚ I still love him: Blue Mbombo


It’s been just over three months since reality TV stars Blue Mbombo and rapper K2 shocked fans with news of their split. Blue released a statement on social media‚ explaining that she and K2 had split months before the public announcement. While Blue was reluctant to reveal the reasons for their split‚ she did say that it was amicable. Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently Blue said that their breakup was still a sore point for her. “It’s still very sad. Everyone is always asking me where’s K2. We also stayed together so sometimes I get lonely‚” she said. Blue added that…

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Things every mature relationship partner knows


Maturity is a quality that’s often lacking in many relationship partners; men/women that are even advanced in age fall prey to immaturity most times without knowing and this leads to the demise of most relationships. There are some basic things a mature relationship partner knows and adheres to and that’s why such a partner is always adored. With maturity the relationship would blossom and a lack of it would lead to frequent scenes of violence, abuse, hurts, quarrels and rapid misunderstanding. If you want to know what the mature relationship partner knows, get in here. 10 things every mature relationship…

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Celebrities, the awards and gatecrashers


The crazy weekend has come and gone. A-list celebrities that came to our shores during the SA Sports Awards which by the way where an absolute…Okay, I won’t say what’s on my mind. Now, let’s get on with the story of how the weekend happened … family knows I give respect where respect is due and I must say DJ Metro killed it this past weekend. His was probably the best set of the weekend. I take a bow, Sir. You came out tops and for the red sneakers, you were beyond on point. DJ Metro was clearly not the…

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