May 23, 2017

8 ways you can get a man’s attention without having to flirt


I get surprised when ladies complain that they hardly have men coming their way; I mean in this 21st century you can’t do simple things to get men notice you? That’s unbelievable. The only tactic some women know in order to attract a man is by being flirty; that really is only a tactic that would probably get you to a man’s bed but would hardly get you to his heart. Most ladies complain that they don’t get to meet men who would want a serious relationship with them, especially the kind of relationship that would lead to marriage. They…

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Taking back the future


Popular South African actor Presley Chweneyagae is heading to Bloemfontein mid this month (March) on an ambitious talent scouting mission for poets, actors, singers and dancers which is mainly targeting disadvantaged youths. Chweneyagae, who is popular for his lead role in the 2005 multi-award winning movie, Tsotsi, has teamed up with the Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) to unearth talent from among the youths across for several projects that his foundation and the SAYM will be working on in the near future. SAYM Free State coordinator Benedict Mphukhe told The Weekly in a telephone interview on Tuesday that the Presley…

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Club Ten-10 – the return


One of the oldest night joints in Bloemfontein, Ten-10, is set for massive reopening launch this coming Sunday. The street bash will see the entire Mamane Street in Rocklands shutdown. The club that was used to be very popular drawing hundreds of partygoers especially on Sundays, is reopening under new management, with patrons promised loud booming house music and pretty people lining up around the block. One of the guys behind the resuscitation of the pleasure place, DJ Fariki, said the revival of Ten-10 was aimed at changing the city’s nightlife and giving the public something different. DJ Fariki said,…

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