December 13, 2018


The Weekly Editorial


Pumeza Nkolonzi was gunned down in front of her mother and six-year-old niece in the Cape Town township of Nyanga. Nkolonzi, 22, died after the unknown gunman kicked the door to her home. Her distraught mother told the media of the harrowing experience of seeing her daughter being killed in cold blood. She said the killer shot her daughter three times before she died. In the entire time, Nkolonzi never showed any trepidation. She asked her killer twice, why he was doing this to her and what she had done to him to deserve death. The last bullet went through…

Start with improving education in your backyard


TO SAY we are not making it, to say we are betraying our young people and their reasonable expectation of opportunities, is not to be controversial. What is really “controversial” is the state of our education system. What is controversial is that a modern democracy like ours, is failing our young people so dismally, and so thoroughly. This is the controversy we really need to address. I don’t believe things are “worse than under Bantu Education”. In those days, 1976, only 26% of kids even made it beyond primary school. The fact that today there is universal primary completion, does…

Must we eliminate Lebollo practice?


Lebollo is a very special, and yet sensitive, rite amongst most Southern African tribes. In this rite, young men are sent to a secluded area, particularly in the mountains, for a few months to learn, amongst others, patriotism, courage, determination and the basic tenets of their culture. Basotho women also participate in the rite, albeit not far from the community. In Basotho culture, Lebollo, is the most important and basic thrust of tradition. Almost all Basotho teachings and customs owe their origin in this sacred practice. Everything that happens behind the bush is secret. It is reserved for only those…