November 17, 2018


The Weekly Editorial


The Free State has in recent months been hit by one of its worst ever spells of water shortage, thanks to limited, read non-existent, rainfalls. This has prompted the province authorities such as the Mangaung Metro Municipality to enforce mandatory water rationing. In order to make the people appreciate the gravity of the situation, the municipality has embarked on an aggressive public awareness campaign which as seen it circulating missives reminding the populace that each drop of water could be the last. We can only hope our people will heed this clarion call and use water sparingly, while foregoing activities…

Predictions of demise of Alliance is wishful thinking


I have noted with great dismay that parts of the media have once more resurrected the old headlines predicting the demise of the ANC-led alliance (Alliance) and suggesting the South African Communist Party (SACP) to be championing the break-away. Such reports by the media must be dismissed as wishful thinking as they are baseless and lack legitimacy. One is, however, very delighted to note that the SACP has announced its intention of not breaking with the ANC and/or the Alliance as it strongly believes that the ANC-led alliance needs to be reconfigured rather than abandoned. In its recent Central Committee…

A tough call to education MEC


As we continue to celebrate disability month we delve into critical issues that affect the downtrodden, marginalised and the isolated masses of our people and, irrespective of our historical, social and cultural differences, we should come as a collective and address these challenges that are detrimental to society. After taking a careful and thorough observation and analysis; in the new dispensation of governance, emphasis has been primarily on Non-Governmental-Organisations (NGO’s) and how social challenges can be tackled. I would like to acknowledge the ANC for the tremendous work in the last 21 years since South Africa became a democratic country,…