November 17, 2018


Judges can be racists too


South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most open and diverse societies in the world and this is the basis of its constitutional democracy and stability. But, as we found out last week, it also means that we sometimes have to pause and do an autopsy of who we exactly are. A man called Matthew Theunissen used the k-word because he was angry at the sports minister, Fikile Mbalula, for punishing some sporting codes that had not complied with their transformation quotas. Correctly so, the country was up in arms demanding the criminalisation of racism and people like Theunissen be…

The Weekly Editorial


Every single day we are confronted with issues that threaten the wellbeing of children – from lack of proper nutrition and shelter to lack of access to proper healthcare. We worry too about neglect, violence and bullying, while child pornography and child trafficking are serious concerns too. Of course, sexual abuse – including rape – remains the biggest challenge facing our communities. There is never a day that passes without a rape, molestation or sexual abuse being reported across the country. About 3 600 cases of rape are reported a day in South Africa, according to one survey. And at least…

When fire becomes official language


In my first year class of communication science I was taught about the power and dynamics of “non-verbal or non-vocal communication.” This is when one uses graphic or body gestures to communicate a message without resorting to spoken words or loud sound. I was reminded of this communication technique after Vuwani residents in northern Limpopo set 22 schools on fire to communicate a message to municipal officials as the local sphere of government. Though I don’t condone burning of schools and wanton vandalism of basic infrastructure, I am also of the view that people don’t just wake up one morning…