November 17, 2018


Friends across ‘racial’ boundaries?


Now that the season of realpolitik is upon us in South Africa and the rainbow nation myth  is receding we must ask ourselves whether we still need a framework of reconciliation that presupposes friendship across the races as an important and useful barometer of the health of the nation. Some will argue that the question of friendship is frivolous. They will say we must be more concerned with matters of politics and economics than of emotion, and that we don’t need to be friends; we simply need not to interfere with one another’s destinies. Others will insist that we must indeed…

Zuma obsession is misleading


The people’s liberation movement, the African National Congress, finds itself in a rather uncomfortable but not unusual political position. It is uncomfortable because it points to internal organisational weaknesses which have resulted in a decline in the electoral polls amongst other things, but not unusual because over its 104 years of existence, the congress movement has faced a myriad of challenges and emerged even stronger out of them. In responding to the current political situation facing our movement, many diagnoses and misdiagnoses have been made by both our detractors and fellow comrades. At all times, possible solutions have been suggested,…

The power of the truth


The truth never decline What happened cannot change from how it occurred. Our interpretation of the incident may differ from the actual occurrence, but the truth will always refuse to decline to the level of our reasoning as long as the incident is not communicated the way it transpired. The truth is always 100 percent true; once reduced to 99 percent it is no longer a truth but a lie, as the truth will always refuse to share a room with a lie. What is called half-truth doesn’t exist in truth. If it is not a complete truth then it…