June 25, 2018


Lorna shows us a thing or two


In addition to a host of new shows added to the SABC3 lineup comes a cooking and lifestyle reality series for food and entertainment connoisseurs alike. The Hostess, presented by Lorna Maseko and produced by Greyscale Productions, is a deliciously decadent celebration of dining and creative entertaining. In this hybrid cooking and entertainment show, we see a different side to Ballet Dancer and TV Presenter, Lorna Maseko as she creates bespoke culinary and experiential moments for ordinary South Africans, celebrities and captains of industry. She takes us behind the scenes with her as she brings our guests’ dream events to…

Thula Revisits Her Roots


The show explores theme such as land ownership, sibling rivalry, parent and children struggling to understand each other, family feuds, romance, betrayal, mystery and drama A unique 13 part drama series has joined the new SABC 3 line up since last week. Thula’s Vine explores the story of Thula’s journey from a successful urban celebrity that encounters a fall from grace, and returns to her roots to discover a passion for her birthright. The cast of Thula’s Vine include, Renata Stuurman, Sivan Raphaely as Patrica, Wandile Molebatsi as Nkanyezi, Connie Chume as Nothando, Nandi Nyembe as Ntombi, Martin Le Maitre…

Men…12 signs your girlfriend isn’t marriage material


Just as not all men are marriage material, not all women are marriage materials too. So gents, before you wife your girlfriend, you need to know if she is marriage material. Life is too short, so it’s necessary you get married to the right woman and enjoy being married. Below are 12 signs your girlfriend isn’t marriage material Your girlfriend is secretive If you have a girlfriend who is very secretive, she isn’t a wife material. A marriage won’t succeed if partners are secretive and don’t share things with each other. A healthy marriage is one with openness not one…