December 13, 2018


New joint steals the limelight


Hip Town Lounge, the new joint that has had everyone talking since its official opening, pulled all the stops this past weekend, drawing the who’s who of the social scene and, I must say, they were superbly dressed.
Truth be told, Refiloe Ntomane looked absolutely gorgeous – proof that one can never go wrong with simplicity.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of a certain mayor’s daughter who came through dressed like a cheap bloody hooker.

I have no intention of wasting words ad energy on this one so the less said about the make-up the better.

In short, she looked like one of the characters from Steven King’s horror movies! #jerrr
Back to people who matter . . . Ba2cada, who’s been desperately trying to get his hands on moi following my statement about his weight, came through as well and, I must say, the brother is still a hit with the ladies.
Girls went crazy when the brother walked in with his entourage.

I am impressed with how humble he still is despite the fame and fortunes – so unusual for the so-called celebrities of today, not to mention some of his colleagues and management who seem to think they are God’s gift to earth. #ifonlytheyknew
One thing very clear is that Big Mo has no intention of hitting the treadmill anytime soon.

Dude’s been huge ever since high school days and has somehow managed to add on a couple more pounds but is still comfortable as ever.
I so don’t know how he manages to do that, shame.

On that note, the beef between him and L-tee Balling should really be squashed.

It’s so not nice seeing majita at each other’s throats like that – sh*t really needs to stop guys!
Having given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Nthabeleng graced us with her obese presence.

Obese or not, the girl is beautiful, shame, and her sense of style is beyond on-point.

She could really do the youth league – bunch of fashion disasters if you ask me – some good.
So Mr Dillo is all about family and is also a God-fearing man?

I’m not one to pass judgment on others but, as the Lord is my witness, I’d have believed that if I didn’t know the guy.
Or maybe the guy has changed, who knows, miracles do happen.

The three girls who were parading in their underwear had everyone talking even people I am afraid to mention.
I’ll say this though: nothing is more disgusting than grown-ass married men lusting over bana – that is just sickening! #sies

Bumped into SABC sports presenter Lindani Mbese’s fiancée and much as I hate to point the bloody obvious, the girl is ugly – being a yellow bone failed to rescue her, shame.
Now I know what mama meant when she said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! #tjo

I swear to God it’s very difficult to separate my colleague from a plate of food.
Not that I am not in the bracket but he’s on another level, I tell you.

Why is it that people with umk’haba get all defensive when you mention the obvious?
Gao Mokone has officially abandoned the gym and I know who to alert to get him back in line.

Whoever said Zimbabweans don’t have a sense of style should be hanged for spreading lies because Big Tonderai Chiyindiko is one Zimbabwean obsessed with such – typical guy with white tendencies if you ask me.
Phiddel looked fresh as well – brother was too laid back though, acting all grown-up on us. #talkaboutstunts

Duncan Lechesa, the Roses head coach, came through to show off his Gucci sneakers and, I must say, he dressed the part, shame. #nicecleanandfresh
Shimmy aka Vin Diesel seemed rather more at ease than usual, sipping on his usual expensive whisky.
He seemed rather bored to be honest – so unlike him.

After a fantastic evening at the joint, I headed to Cubana for Mahoota’s birthday party and, I must say, I so regret going there in the first place . . . music selection was pure f#cken k*k.
Shaxe tried to rescue the situation but failed dismally as he played the same songs that had been played over and over by the very sloshed birthday boy.

There’s something very weird about a grown-ass muscle man posing for pictures – I honestly think Musa is too old to do such things.
Some things are just beyond my understanding.

Ms Maleka looked super-gorgeous – I know she hates my guts for pointing out she’s done and dusted but, hey, I couldn’t care less, I give credit where it’s due.

Make no mistake, Jabu Mbalula is the king of the dance floor and, that, no one can take away from him.
Who’s this Lara dude from Eskom that everyone is talking about? #hatebeinginthedark

Man P has resurfaced once again and still stylish as ever although the difference this time is the pot belly.
Hope he attends to it before it gets out of hand.

That’s all from me folks – until next time, madcrazyloveforyou ALL!

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