Seadimo reaches One Day Leader finals

The Free State’s audacious One Day Leader contestant, Seadimo Tlale, has advanced to the finals of the television show.

Tlale, who hails from Tumahole in Parys, told The Weekly that she appreciates the support she continues to receive from the people of the Free State. She said her dream is to win the competition and to become a leader one day.

“I really want to achieve my dream which is to win this season’s show so I can be an example to my peers and show that everything is possible as long s you put your mind to it.

I know I contest with strong participants but I acknowledge the people of the Free State who continue to vote for me in trying to keep me in the show. It feels good and motivating to have the support from them.”

According to Tlale, the show has allowed her to speak her mind and to experience how other people live. She attributes her survival in the competitions elimination rounds to her loyal fans.

“I must say that everyone who supports me is also showing that he or she believes in me and he or she wants to see me advancing to the next round until the last episode. However, it tells me there are people who don’t undermine how young people think about certain issues affecting them.”

Tlale, who is a law student at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits), has received immense support from her fellow student colleagues; relatives, friends and a substantial amount of the Free State residents

She said her participation in the television show is not motivated by the possibility of winning the monetary prize, but mainly the opportunity to engage in issues many fear to talk about. She disclosed on how show has taught her many things, including having self-confidence.

“I have been really humbled by this opportunity and would love to use this opportunity to inspire others though. I believe that a true leader is one who cannot only critically identify problems in her community but also efficiently implement sustainable solutions to the predicaments.

I therefore believe that anyone can be a leader from anywhere they are. However, the show gives me the opportunity to demonstrate this. In essence, I am here for those young minds with big dreams that sit and support me every Sunday.

“As the youngest contestant to ever be on the One Day Leader show, I believe it is my responsibility to use that platform to prove that anyone can do it. If Seadimo can do this, then anyone can!” She also believes the show has contributed immensely to her personal development

“Additionally, the show allows great platforms to be directly involved in the changing of lives. As a leader I strongly believe in helping others because when you help someone you lift them. When you lift them, you give them an opportunity to help someone else until we are in a spiral of cohesive success. And cohesive success is the crux of what my leadership is about.”

One Day Leader airs every Sunday on SABC 1.