December 13, 2018


Humanity: Ubuntu: Botho

Letters to the Editor

In today’s world people have all become so self- centered and selfish that we totally forgot the meaning of Humanity. What is Humanity? Has humanity lost its value in the human race? Please read on fellows.

Humanity is the quality of respect, compassion and consideration for others. It’s a true positive reflection of the inner circle of a soulful being. If we take a look at the people around us, there are many of us who has already forgotten the word humanity in our vocabulary. We are Homo sapiens in Latin is “Wise man” I wonder if there is still element of wisdom and humanity within us.

Companions, we need to practice active citizenry by all means possible. We need to be members of society who take charge of their future and become agents of what we want to happen in our communities.

Do we ever care what is happening around us? I don’t think so, there are still people living in abject poverty, children and women are being physically and sexually abused. We have child labor in our communnities; there is human trafficking and child prostitution. Friends, we see substance and drug abuse in our neighborhoods and communities.

Thousands of children and youth are dying daily. Do we care enough to do something about it? Dearly beloved friends, it is not only drugs and substance abuse. What about children being physically and sexually abused by their own flesh and blood? Children are suffering in silence.

My Country men, it is not only children but also women who are suffering in silence when they are being abused physically and sexually; some are even raped and murdered.

What are we doing about it? Your neighbor may be a victim of abuse, have you done anything about it? Friends, at times we just do not want to heed to what is happening around us, where is the element of active citizenry.

We just want to turn away from all those things as long as it does not affect us and our families. Fellows, together as humans we can do something to stop child abuse, drugs and substance abuse, child trafficking, child molestation, women being sexually and physically abuse, rape and murder. We can all do our part if we have this thing that we call “Humanity” within us.

Dear friends, today as we relax easily at our cozy homes and feel so comfortable, let us not forget to think of those who are suffering out there around us.

As we sit at home, let us educate the whole family on what is Humanity, Ubuntu, Botho. Talk to your friends about what is humanity; bring the awareness of humanity to the people around us. There are so many things that we can do.

All we ever read in the newspapers it’s only about political misrepresentation, false accusations and allegations on religious issues, and so many sensitive issues that have caused disharmony and hatred amongst the people and communities.

What are we bringing to our future generation? We need moral regeneration more than ever therefore Humanity, Ubuntu, Botho is the only aspect to get us back to the basics.

Lehlohonolo Mafatman
Mophokare Municipality

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