July 16, 2018


‘Jesus killer’ gets 45 years!

As homeless man is sent to 45 years for the triple murders of fellow homeless people in Virginia outside of Welkom…

A homeless man that killed not one but three of his fellow homeless people in the area of Virginia, outside of Welkom in the Free State Province, and inscribing words Jesus on rocks he used to kill them, has been slapped with a sentence of 45 years by the Virginia Regional court.

The court found Mokete Samuel Fane guilty of the charges brought forward against him in relation to the events of March last year when three bodies of homeless people were found in different locations around the area.

Police said in one of the crime scenes where a white homeless man aged around 35 was found dead, a giant stone stained with blood and written Jesus with a sign of a cross was also found.
Police spokesperson Seargent Mamello Mokhouane confirmed both the arrest and conviction of Fane on charges of murder.

“An 18-year-old man, Samuel Fane was sentenced to 45 years direct imprisonment for the murders of three homeless men. His sentence was passed at the Virginia Regional Court. The accused Fane was sentenced fifteen years each for the three murders,” she said.

She said the bodies of the ill-fated homeless people were discovered by police in different locations of the township on one weekend of 6 March.

Mokhouane said Fane’s first victim was found lying in a pool of blood, half naked with his shoes lying next to him.

“He was found outside the Virginia Post Office on Sunday morning, 6 March at about six thirty in the morning by community members. Virginia police and emergency services were summoned to the scene and the man was certified dead,” she said.

She added that the victim was an African male aged between 25 to 35 years.

Mokhouane said the second victim, a white male aged almost the same as the first victim, was found dead outside of an FNB branch where he was certified dead by paramedics on the scene.
Next to him, added Mokhouane was also a huge rock with blood stains.

Again on Monday 07th March, the third victim was found lying semi-conscious outside Dunlop tyres in Virginia.

Mokhouane said the man had broken teeth and was bleeding from the mouth when he was found. “Next to him was a huge rock with blood stains. virginia police and emergency services were summoned to the scene,” she said.

She said the man, who is also unknown, was taken to the local hospital in Welkom for medical attention and was later on transferred to Pelonomi hospital in Bloemfontein where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

She said investigations led them to an eighteen year old suspect Samuel Fane, who is also homeless.

“Fane was arrested on 9 March 2016. He was charged for the two murders and the attempted murder. He appeared at the Virginia Magistrate Court on 10 March 2016. The attempted murder was later changed to a murder when the victim succumbed to his injuries.”

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