June 20, 2018


Lorna shows us a thing or two

Lorna Maseko

Lorna Maseko

In addition to a host of new shows added to the SABC3 lineup comes a cooking and lifestyle reality series for food and entertainment connoisseurs alike.

The Hostess, presented by Lorna Maseko and produced by Greyscale Productions, is a deliciously decadent celebration of dining and creative entertaining.

In this hybrid cooking and entertainment show, we see a different side to Ballet Dancer and TV Presenter, Lorna Maseko as she creates bespoke culinary and experiential moments for ordinary South Africans, celebrities and captains of industry. She takes us behind the scenes with her as she brings our guests’ dream events to life.

“The show encapsulates my personality and what I do in real life. I’m a huge foodie and love creating and interacting with food and I have an events company Fabulous Productions, which has been operational for eight years now. So to have a show that really sums me up – is just such a blessing,”said Maseko.

In each episode Maseko is tasked with the challenge of stepping in and setting up the featured guest’s soiree and help them host the perfect event. From kiddies’ birthday parties and themed dinners to a romantic night in, no event is too big or small for the expert entertainer.

Maseko brings both her skills as a chef and an event planner to the occasion by constructing and executing a menu and theme to meet the requirements of each guest, giving them an event to remember.

“It’s something fresh and different for the South African market. It’s tongue and cheek and very quirky. The show is shot in reality style and very relatable. It will also help viewers to host parties in the comfort of their own homes and create food and dishes that are easy to make, delicious and at a reasonable budget,”she said.

The Hostess features a number of celebrity guests and influences.

“We also hope to include a few members of the public and keep the show as authentic and real as possible. It’s a truly amazing format that is executed in a fresh, clean and amazing way,” Maseko said.

The show is full of drama and unexpected turn of events in the lead up to the perfect occasion.

Maseko said while there were many challenges in putting together a show, the most important thing for her was to deliver a quality product.

“There are always challenges with a new show, figuring what works or not, having food that looks amazing but also speaks to the guests who are attending the party. But what’s most important is the we deliver a quality product that South African love and enjoy. And I know we managed to pull that off,” she said.

Maseko’s few of many tips to hosting a modern day party is to always secure a venue, decide on the number of guests and any dietary requirements and the most important, check what items you have in your home before going out to buy.

“You will be surprised at how much you can save,” she said.

* Catch The Hostess every Tuesday on SABC3 at 8.30pm. -IOL

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