June 25, 2018


Lord, forgive those who chowed Easter bummies


Hello Bloemies! Hope you had a whale of a time over the past Easter long weekend. Well, I did. And believe you me, the City of Roses lived up to its reputation of BloemFUNtein. I mean, the city refused to go to go to sleep this weekend as hundreds of flocked to various night joints to get down and dirty. And I mean real dirty *claps hands*

Did I just hear someone asking if it is possible, or proper, to have ‘Easter’ and ‘dirty’ in the same sentence? Yep, I said it; your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I mean, it was Easter, right? A period associated with seriousness and purity, if you’re a Christian.

Yet, in spite of the expected sedateness, there was a hell lot of flippancy, raucousness, raunchiness and debaucheries aplenty in BloemFORNICATION. People rolled in the sack like hogs in a dirty swamp. One would be forgiven for suspecting these folks did skulk in the rain without (waterproof) gumboots.

Notwithstanding the not-so-friendly weather (I was feeling a bit under the weather indoors, mind you), you would swear people were on steroids. OK, so there I was, I ventured out to check out one of the spots and the first person I bumped into was the general. Strangely enough the old madala was all by himself for obvious reasons, of course – fishing! Isn’t that what people go to a fish pond to do?! *laughs* theweekly2111

Look it doesn’t really matter what you eventually consumed and how old and wrinkled it was. But the fact of the matter is, you consumed, even if it meant using Viagra, you consumed…You go Madala! Talk about chowing the Easter bummy.

Never in a million years would I have believed you, even if you paid me, that the ever fashionable and quiet Lucky D could do such justice to the dance floor. I was absolutely blown away by the little man. Bona, D ong shokile straight!

Another explosive set from Show D…I think we all can agree that the old Show D is back, and back with a bang. Even haters like DJ T were all over the dance floor, sliding on the floor like little bambinos at the park.

Tshego rocked up with a dark-skinned fine looking brother…my gosh! I tell you now girlfriend, if I didn’t have manners, I would have offered myself on a silver platter to the hunky delicious looking man of yours. Fortunately I am not like that wicked so-called sister of yours who…Ooops! Let me shut my trap before I expose things I‘am not supposed to.

Mr. Singles-braai is such a charmer hleng…Kore dating such a guy should really be a headache waitsi. I so wonder how the lady of the house copes! Eish, di yellow bone tse!

No invite, but I still showed my beautiful self, tight sexy butt and all, at this week’s Kusher event which I must say was thee event on the weekend! The set-up. The people the music…Absolutely out of this world! Stumiza Wesi, take a bow Sir, you delivered an awesome night!

Show me a man with more style, class and killer smile than Kagisho Lekhu and I’ll gladly donate my original Tom Ford handbag to you…Tjoo! Lekhu hleng! Now that’s one good looking brother right there. Ok, let me flip out of this one.

Lefu Mgomezulu is another hottie hleng, eish but the brother is too quiet hleng. You hardly ever see him talking to anyone besides his friends. Someone please tell him to loosen up!

Mara how in the blue hell will we ever get a chance to “chat” with DJ LeeGoody when baby is forever next to his hip mara? Phela le rona we want to “engage” with our favourite DJ hao! DJ Shaxe’s swag was very much on point. From the attire to everything, the brother was still very much in Valentine’s spirit!

Young Blood is slowly but surely getting out of hand…How in the blue hell do you….? Ok, I am not going to say it but brother you need to get your act together before it’s too late. I am not in the business of kicking a dog when it down so I’ll let this one slide.

Dj Hunter was in a truly Christmas mood this past weekend. Tjo!

Ok good people; let me leave it at that. Until next time, love and peace good people!

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