June 25, 2018


Eymael to appeal PSL ruling

Challenging unreasonable judgment…Luc Eymael is determined to fight to ensure he stays in Bloemfontein

Challenging unreasonable judgment…Luc Eymael is determined to fight to ensure he stays in Bloemfontein

The 57-year-old Belgian football manager is going to appeal the PSL verdict as he looks to continue his tenure with the outfit from Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein Celtic coach Luc Eymael has vowed to appeal against the PSL’s Dispute Resolution Chamber’s order to return to former club Polokwane City after it ruled against him on Tuesday this week.

Eymael left City last month ago after he reportedly fell out with the club’s management over the overall running of the team. However, following a complaint lodged by Rise and Shine soon afterwards, the DRC has ruled that the coach left City unlawfully and has now determined he must return to the team to once more take charge despite taking over the reins at Celtic.

This notwithstanding, the Belgium-born coach remains defiant and has since proclaimed he has no intention of going back to Polokwane.

“I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m certainly not going to be forced to work in a place where I don’t want to hence I’ve decided to appeal the judgement,” he told The Weekly in an interview on Wednesday.

“I refuse to return to that team or do any form of work there….This is unfair and makes no sense for one to be forced to do anything against his will, which is exactly what is happening to me. I will not allow myself to be put in such a predicament.

“I’ve made it clear to them that I no longer want to work there and that decision still stands, more so now than before,” the beleaguered coach further explained.

Asked whether he had tendered his resignation aware of the vacant post at the struggling Bloemfontein based side, Eymael said “Not at all. That’s the picture painted by my former employers who knew very well that I was no longer happy about working there anymore, which is something I communicated to them several times until I resigned,” added the Eymael.

He went on: “This is unfair. It’s inhumane. It’s against the law. No one is obliged to go where they are not comfortable and his life in danger,” Eymael told Kickoff.

“I will not put my life in danger and not be comfortable to work. I have a family, two children and a grandson. I cannot die in South Africa, I’d rather die in my own country. I am going to appeal. I cannot go back to work where my life is in danger. Everyone saw what happened on TV and I cannot put my life in danger.”

The former Al-Merrikh mentor said he did not leave City with the sole intention of joining Celtic, but was instead forced out by certain circumstances.

“My relationship with the chairman was broken down. I was no more comfortable to work in the club. There was interference from the chairman,” he added.

“It was too much. I couldn’t continue working where conditions were no longer good for me. I am not obliged to go and work where my life is in danger.

“There are rules in the country. I have a family and I didn’t come to die in this country!”

For their part, Bloemfontein Celtic club are still analysing the league’s verdict before deciding on the next step.

Siwelele spokesperson Sello Nduna said: “While the club has an option to appeal the PSL DRC ruling, it is imperative for the club and its lawyers to properly study the judgement issued late Tuesday evening.

We will thoroughly study it, engage among ourselves as management and only then will we decide on the way forward,” said Nduna in an interview with The Weekly on Wednesday.

Nduna’s sentiments were endorsed by Siwelele chief executive officer Khumbulani Konco said: “We are obviously devastated by the news. The coach, after perusing and going through the verdict documents, has since decided to appeal the case. The coach obviously feels absolutely dismayed, hence the request for the DRC to re-look the matter and we are hoping for a positive outcome.”

On the other hand, Polokwane City are not in a forgiving mood. Club owner Johnny Mogaladi – who previous demanded R2-million from Eymael for breach of contract – gave a curt and contemptuous response when The Weekly approached him for a comment: “We will issue a statement when we’re good and ready,” he said before abruptly hanging up the phone.

However, a club official who spoke to the paper on condition of anonymity hinted that Rise and Shine were anticipating Celtic to appeal the judgment.

“Although Celtic have not officially announced their intention to challenge the DRC decision, we know they are going to do exactly that because they want Eymael desperately. We’re not expecting them to take the matter lying down, so we are prepared for whatever move they make next,” said the source.

Meanwhile, the PSL maintained it made a fair and objective decision.

The league’s spokesperson Luxolo September told The Weekly yesterday: “Ours was to rule on the matter on the basis of the information submitted to us and that’s we did. Whether he (Eymael) or Celtic decides to appeal the decision, it has absolutely nothing to do with us.

It’s well within their rights. The matter is entirely between the two teams and they must deliberating and eventually reach a mutually beneficial agreement.”

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