December 12, 2018


‘Strong leaders needed for key ANC structures’

Recommending skills audit . . . Fikile Mbalula

Recommending skills audit . . . Fikile Mbalula

Key structures of the ruling ANC should be driven by strong leadership that can identify and politically groom young talent without any fear or favour to ensure the party achieves ideological and political maturity, a senior official said.

The chairperson for the party’s Sub-Committee on Organisational Development Fikile Mbalula said the ANC must consider a detailed cadre policy that is underscored by organisational ethical and moral values.

Mbalula, who is also the minister of police, said this when he recently presented recommendations to the policy document on Organisational Renewal and Design to be discussed at the ANC Policy Conference set for June 30 to July 5 at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg.

Mbalula said the Nation Executive Committee (NEC), Provinicial Executive Committees (PECs) and Regional Executive Committees (RECs) should be led by strong leaders who can push party ideologigies and promote the party in all sectors of society.

“The NEC, PECs and RECs of the organisation need to be driven by strong leadership as sign of ideological and political maturity, and rigour of our incubation and training institutions such as the party’s political education schools,” said Mbalula in the set of recommendations released at the end of April.

The subcommittee chairperson said support must also be given to cadres for academic achievement and intellectual pursuit so that they can acquire important skills and serve the party.

The sub-committee recommended that the NEC must be reduced to a sizeable organ comprising of tried and tested cadres of the movement, balanced by youth and women activists.

The cadres, according to the document, will be selected on the strength of their political and ideological development in order to make a meaningful contribution to the implementation of ANC policies.

“The discussion on the size and composition of the NEC should include a discussion on ensuring that ANC leaders are found in all sectors of society, including, civil society, business sector, academia and others. This will assist the organisation in developing and maintaining its position as leader of society. In this connection we are recommending that the organisation should take a firm decision that not more the 65 percent of NEC members should serve in the cabinet and provincial legislatures,” Mbalula said.

He suggested that the ANC conducts a massive skills audit at all levels amongst its employees and cadres with the objective of assessing their suitability and/or competencies. Subsequent to this, a comprehensive training and development programme must be a design to build the intellectual capital of the ANC structures at branch, regional, provincial and national levels.

According to Mbalula, the party should consider bolstering the capacity of the office of the Secretary General as the engine of the organisation.

He said for the office to perform this crucial task effectively, it needed to employ highly-skilled persons with managerial skills, to coordinate the overall functioning of the office.

This will also include coordinating programmes performed by all the departments and units under the office of the Secretary General.

The sub-committee welcomed the establishment of an integrity committee but said there must be a distinction between that committee and the Revolutionary Electoral Commission.

“The Revolutionary Electoral Commission that must be established post conference as per previous resolution, will ensure the screening of cadres and recommending to the Deployment Committee ideologically grounded and intellectually developed cadres to serve the people of South Africa.

“In this connection, a careful balance or combination of experience of tried and tested cadres, on the one hand and bright young minds, on the other, will bring dynamism and nurture the new cadre.”
The committee also wants the ANC to position the Veterans League as a council of elders whose main political function would be to provide advice and counsel to the structures and leadership of the ANC. And due to the special place the veterans occupy in the ANC, it is recommended they should not contest leadership positions within the party.

“The ANC must out of necessity consider reviewing the current branch system and allow for the establishment of branches or constitutionally recognised units at institutions of higher learning and training, workplaces and targeted communities. The current demarcation is stunting organisational growth and limiting contact and influence,” according to the proposal.

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