June 20, 2018


Bonang stands up for the African girl child at #WEFAfrica2017

Radio and TV personality Bonang Matheba is set to be a panelist and moderator at the World Economic Forum today. The forum will be held at the Durban ICC from 10am.

The former Metro FM host and brand ambassador has partnered with the ONE Campaign in the fight against extreme poverty, which is tied to the call for gender equality and empowerment.

The campaign is co-founded by popular U2 lead singer Bono and is backed by more than seven million people around the world.

With the 2017 campaign titled “The Making or Breaking point for Africa”, the discussion will touch on key points including “Why Youth Education, Employment and Empowerment Investments matter today” and “Poverty is Sexist”.

This latter session will focus on the fight to keep girls in school, for them to be awarded the same opportunities for work and just to have a say in their lives than their brothers.

“This topic is very close to my heart, as you know The Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund has taken take 10 beautiful young ladies in the spirit to fight the irregularities and unfairness of this world. It is absolutely bizzare that 130 million girls are out of school just because they are girls! We have joined forces and will make things right 1 or 10 girls at a time”, says Bonang.

The media personality launched the ‘Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund’ last year following a donation of R6500 she made to a student who could not afford her registration fees.

She then donated a second time after another young woman called in during her show on Metro FM, requesting a helping hand.

Bonang heeded the call, which prompted her to establish her bursary fund.

According to Nachilala Nkombo, the ONE Africa Executive Director, Bonang was just the name they needed to garner support for their cause.- IOL

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