May 23, 2017

Riky Rick gets new wheels


Remember those rumours that Mabala Noise had threatened to take away Riky Rick’s “material possessions?” Well, judging by the flashy new Ferrari Riky just bought himself, it’s clear that the rapper is not feeling the pinch. Riky recently arrived in style at an event in the slick new sports car. While Riky himself was shy to speak about his new set of wheels, Cassper Nyovest let the cat out the bag. Cassper told a room full of journalists at a recent event that Riky had spoilt himself with a Ferrari, and was even convincing him to buy one. The Tito Mboweni hitmaker…

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Inner beauty my foot, we don’t have X-rays


Look good people, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with thinking you’re beautiful, but it becomes a seriously cosmetically challenging problem when you’re the direct opposite of beautiful. I mean really, why in Hades does Thembi think she’s all that. I mean look at her, kore just look her. Girl, kore the way o le mobe ka teng, you look like an angry hippopotamus about to charge. Girl, you give a whole new meaning to the world ‘ugly’. Batho ba modimo! And don’t you even for a second think of telling us you have inner beauty coz we don’t go around carrying…

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Lorna shows us a thing or two


In addition to a host of new shows added to the SABC3 lineup comes a cooking and lifestyle reality series for food and entertainment connoisseurs alike. The Hostess, presented by Lorna Maseko and produced by Greyscale Productions, is a deliciously decadent celebration of dining and creative entertaining. In this hybrid cooking and entertainment show, we see a different side to Ballet Dancer and TV Presenter, Lorna Maseko as she creates bespoke culinary and experiential moments for ordinary South Africans, celebrities and captains of industry. She takes us behind the scenes with her as she brings our guests’ dream events to…

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