December 13, 2018


Mangaung mayor dismisses coalitions

Denouncing petty politicking. . . Mangaung Metro executive mayor Olly Mlamleli

Denouncing petty politicking. . . Mangaung Metro executive mayor Olly Mlamleli

Those pursuing coalitions are hypocritical as they cannot sustain their promises for better services. They want to blame their shortcomings on others . . . 

Mangaung Metro executive mayor Olly Mlamleli says coalitions do not really serve the interests of the people but are a mere political grandstanding pursued by the opposition to gain popularity.

Delivering her budget speech in Bloemfontein on Wednesday, Mlamleli said people should not be fooled by the opposition when it promises improved services under a coalition because most of those partnerships do not work.

She acknowledged that local government was going through a difficult period due to the prevailing global economic conditions but urged communities not to be taken advantage of by opportunistic politicians promising better service deliver when they do not have capacity.

“A new political phenomenon propagating coalition politics has emerged following the 2016 local government elections,” said Mlamleli.

“Accordingly, it has ruptured the opposition politics brand… However, what matters most is the nature of developmental issues pursued by these coalitions. As a nation, we should denounce petty coalition politicking – currently manifesting falsely as the works of humanitarianism; whilst on the other hand, we never cease to hold the government of the day responsible and accountable,” she added.

She described those pursuing coalitions as hypocritical as they cannot sustain their promises for better services and wan to blame their shortcomings on others.

“As ANC councillors, we pledge not to spare any effort in delivering on the following commitments as outlined in the ANC’s 2016 Local Government Election Manifesto and build on achievements made in delivering basic services to the people,” the mayor pledged.

Among the commitments, the party promised to improve access to municipal services and reduce outsourcing in municipalities, further improve public participation and accountability of councillors as well as enhance the capacity of the local state to deliver on its mandate.

The party also promised to develop and strengthen local economies, create jobs and promote job placements, especially for the youth and intensify the fight against fraud and corruption in local government and social fabric crimes in communities.

It also committed to promoting education as the apex priority in local communities, improve health in urban and rural communities, help municipalities adapt to the changing climatic conditions, build spatially integrated communities as well as promote nation-building and socially cohesive communities.

“We set these developmental goals conscious of the complex realities facing us, the local community today. Ours is an environment that is characterised by an extremely fragile global economy, low income growth, high inflation, xenophobia, crimes of corruption and illicit money outflows, economic downgrading, increased poverty, and global-warming – just to mention but a few.

This environment makes local governance more dynamic than ever before,” Mlamleli noted.

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