December 13, 2018


A genuine commitment to Human Rights


On March 21st we will be celebrating the Human Rights Day. A genuine commitment to human rights, in the Bahá’í view, results from recognition of the oneness of humanity. Such recognition requires abandonment of prejudice of every kind –race, class, colour, creed, nation, sex, degree of material civilization – anything which enables people to consider themselves superior to others. The recognition of the oneness of humanity gives rise to an elevated concept of human rights, one that includes the assurance of dignity for each person and the realization of each individual’s potential. This view differs obviously from current approach to…

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Monopoly capital and the corrupt activities of the banks

Lehlohonolo-Kennedy-Mahlatsi 2

The recent revelations of the manipulation of our economy by foreign and local banking and finance monopoly capital is a matter of great concern. The decision of the Competition Commission to refer a case of collusion by foreign and local banks and financial institutions to the Competition Tribunal of South Africa for prosecution must be supported. The foreign and local private monopoly and oligopoly structure of the banking and financial sector dominant in our country must be brought to an end, by means of, among others, strongly asserting developmental state ownership and co-operative banks and financial institutions. One of the…

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Humanity: Ubuntu: Botho

Letters to the Editor In today’s world people have all become so self- centered and selfish that we totally forgot the meaning of Humanity. What is Humanity? Has humanity lost its value in the human race? Please read on fellows. Humanity is the quality of respect, compassion and consideration for others. It’s a true positive reflection of the inner circle of a soulful being. If we take a look at the people around us, there are many of us who has already forgotten the word humanity in our vocabulary. We are Homo sapiens in Latin is “Wise man” I wonder…

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