December 13, 2018


The Weekly Editorial

Every single day we are confronted with issues that threaten the wellbeing of children – from lack of proper nutrition and shelter to lack of access to proper healthcare. We worry too about neglect, violence and bullying, while child pornography and child trafficking are serious concerns too. Of course, sexual abuse – including rape – remains the biggest challenge facing our communities. There is never a day that passes without a rape, molestation or sexual abuse being reported across the country. About 3 600 cases of rape are reported a day in South Africa, according to one survey. And at…

A vote for DA, a vote for white supremacy


It is very necessary that I open up wounds, underlying post-apartheid South Africa, that needs to be cleaned up. Because they contain pus. Since ANC is at a slight tilt, the DA is on a mission of invading the country. Yet for all this, this party has adopted a pluralist approach to politics, that is giving black people enough rope to hang themselves. And this type of pluralism is not empty-handed, as it carries with it, an incubated racial inequality that continues to labor and strive within the social spaces of this party. In the scramble for leadership, the DA…

We need to talk about the national minimum wage


Inequality in South Africa is growing. The private sub-state is populated by the wealthy, who have access to private services, while the poor struggle to survive. And the poor are becoming increasingly angry with the wealthy. English cultural theorist Terry Eagleton reminds us: “It is not hard to imagine affluent communities of the future protected by watch towers, searchlights and machine guns, while the poor scavenge for food in the wastelands beyond.” Is this not, in many ways, already the situation in South Africa? The wealth gaps are staggering. So the debate that we all need to take seriously is…