December 13, 2018


China not a worthy friend to RSA


The horrific execution of South African citizen Janice Linden by the Chinese government, despite desperate attempts by South African authorities to avert the slaughter, has laid bare China’s new born arrogance and total disregard for diplomatic relations. Janice Bronwyn Linden, 38, was executed by lethal injection on Monday, 12 December, “after being found in possession of 3kg of methamphetamine” in November 2008”, the BBC reports.  Linden has repeatedly maintained her innocence, arguing that the drugs were “planted” in her luggage, the British broadcaster also reports. Like any sovereign country, China has laws which must be respected by all and sundry….

The Weekly Editorial


Last weekend we learned with sadness that 30 people were killed in a taxi accident on the N3 freeway near Harrismith. This is the clearest sign that unless something drastic happens, we are headed for yet another bloody festive season. Once again, many families are going to lose a father, mother, child, or sibling on our deadly roads because of reckless driving fuelled by alcohol and drug abuse as well as unroadworthy vehicles. Regarding the horrific Harrismith accident, Free State police said most of the families of the deceased came from Tsolo, near Mthatha, in the Eastern Cape. Their families…

Climate change and Millennium Developmental Goals


The discord within the climate change negotiations is a microcosm of the broader challenges facing the multilateral system of global governance. Understanding that the stakes are at an all time high, we must be alive to the reality that failure to reach an outcome one year before the Kyoto Protocol is due to expire, will undermine various agreements in a number of areas including trade and sustainable development. Drawn to its logical conclusion, failure to succeed in reaching an agreement will demonstrate little regard for our commitment to the co-dependence of the three UN pillars of Security, Development and Human…