October 22, 2018


Empower women to emancipate them


Next month, the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) will hold its national conference. It comes in the 21st year of South Africa’s democracy and at a time when the ruling ANC embarks upon the next phase of our revolution – paving the way for radical socio-economic transformation. It is self-evident that that true emancipation of a people cannot happen unless the economic circumstances of the people are changed. Nowhere is the correlation between improved economic circumstances and emancipation more evident than in the lives of women. In South Africa, this has particular resonance for black, working-class women who were…

Science and religion are complementary


Science and religion are two independent yet complementary systems of knowledge. Together they propel humanity towards development and progress. However, for many centuries there has been conflict between advocates of science and those of religion. There has been a belief that scientific truth contradicts religion and one was obliged to choose between being a religious person and following God’s teachings, or a scientist and being a follower of reason. As a result of this the knowledge system of the West, in particular, became extremely secular. The question of religion and spirituality was either rejected entirely or, at best, left as…

New joint steals the limelight


Hip Town Lounge, the new joint that has had everyone talking since its official opening, pulled all the stops this past weekend, drawing the who’s who of the social scene and, I must say, they were superbly dressed. Truth be told, Refiloe Ntomane looked absolutely gorgeous – proof that one can never go wrong with simplicity. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of a certain mayor’s daughter who came through dressed like a cheap bloody hooker. I have no intention of wasting words ad energy on this one so the less said about the make-up the better. In short, she…