December 13, 2018


R25 million for 18 houses explained


The Free State department of human settlements is planning to set aside a total of R25-million for building and refurbishing houses for families who may lose their properties to natural disasters such as floods and storms in its 2016/17 financial year… Human settlements spokesperson Senne Bogatsu this week told The Weekly that the provincial department would use part of those funds to either build or renovate at least 18 houses destroyed by natural disasters. A further R108 million would be allocated to upgrade 100 Community Residential Units (CRU) commonly known as hostels. The CRUs are currently under construction in Merriespruit…

The Weekly Editorial


Anyone who has interacted with Americans will know how a truly united and patriotic lot they are. One could belong to the Democratic Party and the other to the Republican Party but when it comes to defending or advancing the interests of the United States of America, they always close ranks. In America they say politics ends on the seashore. That is to say political differences are a luxury to be tolerated in the absence of foreigners. When facing the foreigner, either one that has landed on the shores or is encountered beyond the might waters, Americans have each other’s…

Mmusi Maimane’s missed opportunity


Let me join the country in congratulating Mmusi Maimane on his election as Federal Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA). I congratulate him notwithstanding the fact that I suspect his election was stage-managed to garner more black votes for the party. But in any case, since I am neither a member nor a supporter of the DA, it is not my business whether Maimane’s election was real or farcical. What murdered any element of excitement in me was what I regard as a missed opportunity by Maimane after his election. On the eve of his election, veteran journalist and personal…