December 13, 2018


KlevaKids campaign against paraffin accidents

Thousands of schoolchildren from the Free State and across the country learnt tips on the safe use of paraffin during a four-week campaign by fuel and petroleum products giant Engen Group. An Engen official said the campaign, which is known as Engen KlevaKids and ends this week, targeted schoolchildren after research showed that the youngsters knew very little about the safe use of paraffin and yet they were probably the biggest victims in fires and other accidents involving the inflammable liquid. Children were also targeted because of the fact that there are hundreds of poor child-headed families across the country…

Floozies be like: ‘I’ll whoop you’re a**’


The City of Roses was not so rosy this past weekend, it was more like a City of Ghosts but I can’t really blame anyone, the cold weather was a very, very serious deterrent, even to myself. It was also extremely difficult to look good in this cold weather, so let me applaud all the ladies who made sure they looked super sexy despite the not so good weather. You ladies looked absolutely stunning, shame. What in the blue hell is happening to Hip-town, bathong? Screw the winter excuse, is that place dying a slow death or what? Word has…

Reason speaks out on ‘blasphemous’ picture


Sizwe “Reason” Moeketsi got more than he bargained for when he posted a photo of his latest freestyle cover on Instagram last week Thursday. The graphic showed Jesus Christ in shades carrying two naked women. In the wake of the ensuing backlash, Reason explained, in an intensive interview with The Weekly, the rationale behind the controversial artwork that has reportedly saw him incur significant financial losses. Let’s get straight into it, what was going through your mind when you decided to come up with a cover like that? Surely you must have known there was going to be a backlash, especially from the Christian…