December 13, 2018


The Weekly Editorial


The behaviour of some members of the Central University of Technology’s (CUT) executive council is a clear example of why we as a country must be worried about corporate governance at our tertiary institutions. As evident from the article published in last week’s issue, some senior executives and council members at the university were literally prepared to lose limbs to shield vice-chancellor and principal, Prof. Thandwa Mthembu, from scrutiny. The university employed, at great cost, KPMG auditing firm to investigate allegations levelled by staff against Mthembu and the deputy vice-chancellor for institutional planning and marketing, Prof. Talvin Schultz. The two…

Project Proudly SA is a big flop!

Tiisetso Afrika Makhele

In another disappointing display of South Africans’ lack of self-love and self-pride, British actor Idris Elba has been chosen to play Nelson Mandela in an upcoming autobiographical movie called Long Walk to Freedom. This unfortunate choice of a foreign actor to play a lead role in our movie is not new. Americans Denzel Washington and Jennifer Hudson have featured in the roles of Steve Biko and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela respectively. The following American actors have also played the roles of Nelson Mandela before; Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Sidney Poitier, and Terrance Howard. Since the announcement of Elba’s selection by the film’s…

The sad state of our nation


There is a “thing” in the air. It is not quite fear, not quite anxiety, not quite hopelessness, a tension, a deep crack in our society which is threatening to shift the ground we walk on together, separately. We can no longer afford to carry on living side-by-side, barely able to look at each other in the eye, shouting at each other at safe distances across racial, political and class lines. We cannot continue to pretend we are okay when we are clearly not. The rainbow nation’s colours are fading; the reality of our democracy is not quite meeting anyone’s…