December 13, 2018


The Weekly Editorial


It is a shocking but true fact that our streets have become happy hunting grounds for drug syndicates, human traffickers, and paedophiles who are waiting to pounce on our children, especially young girls, and use them as sex slaves, drug traffickers, and cheap labourers. This spine-chilling reality came to light again this week when the search for missing 16-year-old Beranice Links revealed a “Pandora’s Box” of missing children in coloured townships in Gauteng. The search for Links uncovered a scam where young girls in the area are lured into prostitution and drug abuse by houses called “lolly lounges” – named…

Why Tselane Tambo will never be like her father

Tiisetso Afrika Makhele

I had decided not to write about the distasteful so-called painting that has belittled the country’s fourth rightful president, Jacob Zuma, until I heard comments attributed to one Tselane Tambo, daughter of the ANC’s longest serving president, the late OR Tambo. “He must get over it. No one is having a good time. He should inspire the reverence he craves. This portrait is what he inspired. Shame neh!” Tselane reportedly tweeted. I respect Tselane’s views and appreciate that everybody has a right to express themselves as they wish. And, lest I am jabbed by my critics for being unfair, I…

Managing councillor performance in the ANC


The Cadadu Region of the ANC (soon to be renamed after Sara Baartman) in the Eastern Cape implements an innovative way of monitoring the performance of the ninety-five odd ANC councilors elected during the 2011 local government elections. Following the audit of councilors conducted nationally before the List processes, the Regional Executive Committee (REC) signed performance agreements with all councilors after local government elections in May 2011, according to Regional Secretary, Nosisa Siwendu. The signing took place right before the swearing-in ceremonies. The standard performance agreement consists of five key performance areas (KPAs): institutional performance; service delivery performance; organisational work;…