December 13, 2018


The Weekly Editorial


Barely a week after we bemoaned the continued existence of racist elements among South Africans, we have yet another disturbing story on racism that we can’t ignore. The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has found the staff at Dr Viljoen Combined School in Bloemfontein guilty of hate speech and racially abusing their black and coloured pupils and called for urgent action to combat racism at the school. The findings follow an investigation instituted by the commission after students at the school that is located in Willows suburb complained that they were being subjected to dehumanising and racist treatment by…

The Zulu land claim: a sequel


My previous instalment of this column titled “What’s the fuss about Zulu land claim?” caused some murmurs in the reading circles, at least in as far as my social media platforms,  email messages and face-to-face interactions are concerned. Many of those who had read the article raised concerns about my alleged leniency in dealing with what is often regarded as a “power hungry” nation. In response to many of these loyal readers of this column, I first conceded that I am not a spokesperson of the Zulu nation, nor am I a representative of the Kwazulu-Natal House of Traditional Leaders….

Mandela Day: better teach them how to fish


Dear reader, pardon me for my ignorance but, if I may ask, what has created the sudden brouhaha over charity work lately in our country? I am particularly referring here to the furore that warms up our winter season yearly on Mandela Day when all and sundry claims to be doing some charity “work” to aid the deserving and the needy using Tata’s name as a tag. Please do not get me wrong, doing something good for our disadvantaged communities is indeed worth applauding but my concern is that some of our businesspeople, large corporations and multi-billionaires seem to have…