December 13, 2018


Groundwater remains an important source of water

Letters to the Editor It is a well-known fact that there is water underground even when growing up we were aware of this. In the past I could not make sense of it until recently when the drought hit our country and the experts made a call to explore underground water to augment the water supply. What a late wake up call to me, I thought it was just a story made by elderly that there is underground water. According to 20 Years of Groundwater – Research, development and implementation in SA (1994 – 2014) “South Africa’s aquifer systems have…

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Who shall protect the children?

Every single day we are confronted with issues that threaten the wellbeing of children – from lack of proper nutrition and shelter to lack of access to proper healthcare. We worry too about neglect, violence and bullying, while child pornography and child trafficking are serious concerns too. Of course, sexual abuse – including rape – remains the biggest challenge facing our communities. There is never a day that passes without a rape, molestation or sexual abuse being reported across the country. About 3 600 cases of rape are reported a day in South Africa, according to one survey. And at least…

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Friends across ‘racial’ boundaries?


Now that the season of realpolitik is upon us in South Africa and the rainbow nation myth  is receding we must ask ourselves whether we still need a framework of reconciliation that presupposes friendship across the races as an important and useful barometer of the health of the nation. Some will argue that the question of friendship is frivolous. They will say we must be more concerned with matters of politics and economics than of emotion, and that we don’t need to be friends; we simply need not to interfere with one another’s destinies. Others will insist that we must indeed…

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