December 13, 2018


Who shall protect the children?

Every single day we are confronted with issues that threaten the wellbeing of children – from lack of proper nutrition and shelter to lack of access to proper healthcare. We worry too about neglect, violence and bullying, while child pornography and child trafficking are serious concerns too. Of course, sexual abuse – including rape – remains the biggest challenge facing our communities. There is never a day that passes without a rape, molestation or sexual abuse being reported across the country. About 3 600 cases of rape are reported a day in South Africa, according to one survey. And at least…

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Domestic violence – Time for action

Every now and then campaigns to end domestic violence are often received with cynicism and dismissed as a waste of both energy and money. The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign – an international crusade running every year between November 25 and December 10 – and many other such initiatives are often seen as little more than unhelpful gender talk shows. At worst they are regarded as mere excuses especially by non-governmental organisations to justify their existence and donor funded budgets. It is really sad that the noble efforts to foster civility in society can be viewed that…

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Minimum wage exposes SA faultlines

The South African government has moved a step closer to introducing a national minimum – the first ever in the country. The move comes after a panel of experts tabled its report. We were part of the team that made the recommendation. Panel members were acutely aware of the need to balance poverty and inequality reduction ambitions, and securing existing jobs, when making recommendations for the level and implementation of the national minimum wage. Apart from the challenges of working on a project of this nature, there were additional outcomes we had not anticipated. The wide-ranging and detailed research that laid…

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