January 17, 2019


Brandfort water crisis sorted

As the provincial chapter of the National Department of Water and Sanitation completes new raw water pipeline on time …

The Free State chapter of the National Department of Water and Sanitation says it is making impressive headway in providing clean, safe and constant water to communities in the province.

Departmental spokesman Sputnik Ratau yesterday said the Brandfort Raw Water Pipeline that was completed on time and now operational would improve bulk water distribution.

The water treatment works project was completed a month ago at a cost of R87 million spent over a three-year period.

Ratau said during construction the project managed to create 25 temporary job opportunities for locals in the Masilonyana Local Municipality.

The area receives raw water from the Erfenis Dam through the Sandvet scheme, which is located on the Vet River.

He added that the second phase of the project will include bulk water supply for Winburg and Theunissen.

“Raw water was previously supplied to Brandfort Water Treatment Works from Sand-Vet canal through 200mm and 250mm diameter pipes into an open balancing dam at Brandfort water treatment works,” Ratau explained.

The old pipelines would now be supplemented by the newly-constructed 315mm diameter pipe and linked pumps and motors.

The old pipeline was constructed in the 1970s and was no longer able to cope with the growing population of the area.

Ratau noted this growth has led to increasing demand for water usage, urging residents to continue using water sparingly.

By end May the dam levels in the province had gone down one margin from the previous 84.5 percent to the current 84.4 percent, due to lack of rainfall that seems to characterise the winter season.

“Level three of water restrictions is still being implemented in Mangaung and all residents are requested to adhere to them and use water sparingly. The community is also requested to look out for pipe bursts which arise during winter,” Ratau said.

Such leaks could occur in households and meters directing water and needed to be fixed urgently.

Leaks that occur outside households and on main lines should be promptly reported to the local municipality or the Department of Water and Sanitation hotline number 0800 200 200.

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