January 17, 2019


OMG, will these young veterans ever stop whoring?

theweekly2111Tjooo! Sound ya ko Sechaba decided it was fed up and went all quiet on the congregation who opted to go fill up Mahungra instead. Jeso, kore mare vele vele batho ba ha Sechaba ke batho le di Nquthu neh!

Boys and girls, the same thing vele! Ache, spenya se sekalo hle! Mxm

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, beautiful people of the City of Roses who braved the chilly weather, allow me to expose your shenanigans as is the norm. My new partner in crime and I landed our gorgeous selves at Mahungra.

So, do you want us to believe that’s a real Gucci belt you were wearing and yet o busy o nwa Nguthu ya Hansa? Is it me or is there something wrong with that picture. Good people come to my rescue hleng!

Beautiful as she maybe, Mathapelo should be crowned the Queen of Rejects. This girl ke boza ya just about every phoney label you can think off. Bona, bosso ke mang, Ke ena! *As I mind my own business*

I think I’ll have to clear my throat for this one…Thato, where does such whore-like behaviour emanate from? Well, with your friends I can understand, they’ve been legends in this game since high school, graduated in that department the minute they got to UFS but wena. *speechless for days*

Cappello was the next spot and the struggle for parking space was a clear indication of what was awaiting moi at the popular spot. DJ Blckman’s set was just on fire, believe you me he had everybody on their feet. Who would have thought! *Impressed*

Eish, month end can be so irritating because you have a bunch of everyone crowding the place, even those who fail to pay their pap geld.

Adv Moleko was looking super stunning with his wife. God knows these two love birds don’t mind getting up close and personal even with people around. But hey, ke true love after all.
Who in the devil’s name was the girl in a silver mini skirt? Where do you get the audacity to wear such horrendous stuff in public maar? A silver mini skirt ka magusha serious! I am disgusted le nou. Girlfriend, I must say you need a true friend and that could only be your mirror coz it’s quite clear that your friends aren’t real, shame. Seh!

I struggle to get my head around this eyebrows-on-fleek trend. Ladies hona le di make up tutorials hleng. Stop turning yourselves into circus clowns.

My partner finally got an invite to check out K-LA-K on Sunday and so she went. Tjo, smile sa abuti Keke lona! The brother is an absolute dish, no doubt. No wonder Mary was all eyes, not that she was noticed anyway. Sorry girlfriend, better luck next time.

Bumped into the Twins again (Bkay and Tumi). Is it me or these two are just about everywhere. Geez!

DJ Motse, I so hope those two skinny underage looking girls next to the DJing booth where not with you my friend. That’s all I’m going to say on that one. So Tobetsa, when he’s in the company of yellow bones consumes coffee? Tjo, bo Tobetsa lego impressa.

And Surprise the DJ ka jackete ya malomo? Brother, you might be fine but that jacket yone…! *As I keep my mouth shut*

So DJ Mophius can also shake umzimba. Wow! I must say I never imagined him to be type.

Off to The Thoughts I was… Show D is one of those who got everybody on their feet this weekend at Thoughts. Man, the way his set was hot ka teng he got the ladies dancing like… you know how.

Ahh but my sister, why on earth would you dance like that… really! Or perhaps you wanted the D word and you just didn’t know how to ask for it. Some dances are strictly for the bedroom hun!
Alright good people, that’s all from us, until next time, love and peace!

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